UTH Charity Fund

UTA Charity - Extending a Helping Hand in Times of Crisis

Welcome to UTA Charity, a volunteer-driven initiative born out of compassion and dedication. We are a team of employees from UTA Engineering, originally based in Kyiv, joined by international partners and supporters. Our collective mission is to aid those affected by the ongoing Russian aggression in Ukraine.

Our Focus
In the face of immense challenges, we remain dedicated to reaching people and hospitals that may not be served by larger charitable organizations or government resources. Every day, countless individuals are grappling with the devastating consequences of this conflict. They've lost their homes, their livelihoods, and often, their health. Our mission is clear: to provide essential humanitarian assistance, including food, medicine, and fuel, and to fulfill specific equipment requests.

Our Approach
At UTA Charity, we operate with transparency and integrity as our guiding principles. We personally manage the distribution of aid, ensuring it reaches verified recipients and entities in need. Our team is committed to rapid response, with deliveries typically taking just 1-3 days.

Why We Need Your Support
While we allocate funds from UTA's resources, our capacity is limited, and Ukraine's needs are vast. To make a meaningful impact, we rely on contributions from compassionate individuals like you. Rest assured, 100% of the funds we receive are directed solely towards purchasing essential goods, which we deliver personally to those who require them.

Join Us:
Together, we can provide hope, assistance, and comfort to those affected by this crisis. Your support, whether through donations or sharing our mission, plays a crucial role in our efforts. Help us make a difference and stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine.


 Click Link www.utacharty.org